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Posted: April 12, 2012 by Carter Slawson in Uncategorized
  • Our idea is to get more people in a community to recycle more, and be consistent with recycling. Our group wanted to make recycling more exciting and make people proud that they are more involved with their community.
  • To accomplish this goal our group has come up with the idea of a “Green Box”. A “Green Box” is a high tech recycling unit that measures and reports how much a individual recycles. The goal is to install these units across the Old Dominion Campus. A student who decides to recycle at our unit may swipe their student i.d. to keep track of their progress.
  • Every time that a student recycles at our unit they may earn points that can be redeemed at the Old Dominion Store. These points may be used to purchase such items as notebooks, paper, blue books, etc. These points will make it very desirable for students to recycle at our units.
  • Our group has decided to make it the responsibility of student organizations, such as Fraternities and Sororities, to maintain the upkeep of these units. The student organizations would be responsible for the unloading and maintenance of these units. To keep costs down, the student organizations would have a “Adopt-A-Box” fundraisers. A Fraternity and Sorority would bid to maintain these units every year, and in return would have their Greek letters proudly displayed on our units.
  • Our target market are student organizations, students, and professors. These units will be installed on the campus so it makes sense to cater to these people. Students usually have a more activist spirit and they would be a perfect target market for our idea.
  • There is currently a box similar to ours. The difference is that they are far and few to make a real difference in recycling. These units do not have a target market that could compete successfully with ours. A box also comes with a phone app that allows students to keep track of their points. Our idea could potentially be spread to other campus’s because the technology being used is flexible. Our eventual goal is to have a competition between college campus’s to see which campus can recycle the most amount of material. This has the dual role of getting more people to recycle and advertise our product.
  1. James Blinco says:

    This is all good information. If you don’t mind, I might condense it down to maybe topics that would go on our slide and you could just tell our class about it when you present these slides? I think that is more what Professor Willits wants out of our presentation. Let me know what you think?

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