In the comments are the bio’s of the authors for this awesome blog!

  1. James Blinco says:

    Figured I would go ahead and put up my bio for the about page. Well here it is…

    My name is Jamie. I am 22 and a senior here at Old Dirty University. With technology, I am a pretty big fan you could say. I keep up on the latest and greatest that all things tech have to offer. I am a big soccer fan. Liverpool is the best team ever even if they have not been so hot as of late ha. I will graduate this summer finally and am looking forward to attending graduate school (if I can get in that is).

  2. Katie Banko says:

    Hello, my name is Katie. I am 20 and a sophomore at Old Dominion University. Technology is not one of my strong suits, but I try to keep up with the changes being made today. I love the winter, and can’t wait for it to snow! Also I want to be a Marine Biologist someday, so I can swim with the dolphins 🙂

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