Problem Statement

We believe the problem with recycling is that people do not recycle enough and do not understand exactly what can and cannot be recycled. This problem has an effect on individuals, the surrounding community, and the environment as a whole. We plan to solve this problem through smarter recycling bins coupled with an application. These smart recycling bins will be able to communicate with phones to inform users of what can and cannot be recycled based on their location, and where other recycling bins can be found. The phone application will track what users recycle and will periodically send users coupons for goods made from recycled products.

  1. Katie Banko says:

    We would like to make recycling an easy task, and have no thought be put in by the individual. Our organization wants to improve recycling by making it easier to do, and in return the percentage of people who recycle will increase. 🙂

  2. kkell052 says:

    Good changes made to our problem statement based on the feedback we got in class today 🙂

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