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this is what the design would look like, "The Green Box"



1. What does biotechnology mean to you?

  • Unsure of what biotechnology means exactly
  • Relates to the human body in a way to enhance technology
  • Any technology that shares a relationship with any biological system

(Basically everyone guessed a definition that related technology to the human body)


  • Yes, this field is needed in order to move into the future and advance


  • Technology is a good way to benefit the needs of humans, to make life easier
  • Technology is always changing, therefore any advances or improvements should be made in the field of biotechnology (could save lives)
  •  In diverse, it’s neither good nor bad. If biotechnology is implanted ethically, the benefits my outweigh the possible risks.


  • Philosophy
  • Civil engineering.

Interviews from: Jon and Drew

Second Interview

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Here are my results from the interview I conducted.

Question: What does biotechnology mean to you?

Drew: I’m not sure what biotechnology even means but I’ll take a guess. I think that biotechnology means the use of organisms, such as the human body, to enhance technology.

Question: Are in favor of further research in this field?

Drew: Yeah, I dont see why we shouldnt take advantage of it.

Question: Why do you feel this way?

Drew: I’m in favor of using any technology that might benefit me one day. There may come a day when I may need something that only biotechnology can provide. I wouldn’t want to shoot down a technology that could help people out.

Question: What is your Major?

Drew: Philosophy.


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Lets see if this works… Just a start, hopefully it will allow us all to edit and get the ball rolling

First Interview

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Here is the transcript of an interview I conducted today for our next assignment.

Me: What is biotechnology to you? What does it mean to you?

Jon: I think it is any technology that shares a relationship with any biological system. When I think of biotechnology, I think of nanotechnology, sanitation, pacemakers, and stem-cell research.

Me: Are you in favor of industrial research in this field?

Jon: Sure, just think it needs to be done ethically.

Me: Can you say why you feel this way?

Jon: I feel that any field of technology is neither good nor bad. All technology has the ability to help humanity and that same technology possesses the ability to destory us as well. But as for biotechnology, if it is implented ethically, I feel that the benefits outweigh the possible risks.

Me: What is your major?

Jon: Civil engineering.

Design ideas (websites)

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how the trash centers should look that we put in different places, and it will sort of be like a “red box” and everyone will have there own account. But now it will be a Green box!

and this is what the screen on the machine would say something like this


Research and individual problem solution

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Our group chose to do recycling for our problem, and have thrown around many ideas for solutions. We have discussed everything from applications, to credits, to smart trash cans. As a company we want to reduce the waste, and increase consumers recycling.

I see a major problem with recycling being outside the home. Often at restaurants, shopping venues, and other public facilities were recycling cans are not easily accessible or clearly marked. Something such as a smart trash can would help to alleviate massive quanitities of waste. These smart cans can either filter through the waste, or be much simpler with a recording system that relays the recyclable to an app. The idea is to reduce the amount of recyclables entering regular trash cans due to laziness, or lack of proper recycling cans, as well as lack of knowledge of what can be recycled in the few available recycling cans.

The idea itself was introduced amongst our group prior to research. The idea is not a new idea, and is apparently such a hot topic the Wall Street Journal reported on it. http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748704107204574471352344528912.html

The report also talks about a different type of trash cans capable of containing a chip that is used to track recycables and relay them to a system that pays per pound.