Social Media Policy

Benefit the World is focused on changing the way societies do recycling. We as a company understand that social media is essentially the new mainstream way to communicate to vast amounts of people in an expedient manner. Therefore, it is logical for our employee’s to follow a certain set of guidelines when using the plethora of communication avenues enabled by social media. We gathered information from other corporations large and small to form the basic structure of our policy. We enhanced that framework through interviews with individuals. Links to the information gathered from the interviews can be found at the bottom of the post. We wanted a policy that covered common areas of concern in the social media world while avoiding large portions of legal jargon.

Social Media and its uses are in a continuous state of change. We at Benefit the World understand this and our policy reflects this. Therefore, we structured our policy with the ability to adapt to an ever-changing social media landscape. We recognize that there will be possible gaps in our policy and will alter the policy to fit the new media environment.
  1. When working in the social media environment, it is important to disclose the fact that you work for Benefit the World.  If you are posting something about Benefit the World or some other company, identify yourself by name and your position you hold in the company. If you feel strongly about a particular subject or issue, be sure to preface your statement with that fact.
  2. Benefit the World values credibility and honesty. Do not misrepresent the company or post information without verifiable evidence.
  3. Think twice about what you publish on the internet. As a member of Benefit the World, you represent the company and harmful and malicious posts can have a negative impact on the company’s reputation and your employment status.
  4. Do not post any comments or opinions about other companies or people who are in direct legal litigation with Benefit the World.
  5. If you find yourself in a difference of opinion with another member of the social media community, be sure to remain polite. You represent the company and any harmful or misleading posts can have a negative impact on the reputation of Benefit the World.
  6. Use common sense when using social media. Do not violate the privacy or legal regulations for Benefit the World.
  7. Employees should not imply or state that they are representing the company’s opinions in their personal social media posts.
  8. Benefit the World is not responsible for outside links posted on our website. It is the responsibility of the individual to understand the possibility of causing harm to his or her system through clicking on foreign hyperlinks.
  9. This policy is more focused on employee’s conduct while working in a professional capacity. It is not the company’s place to police individuals on a personal basis but it is expected that employee’s hold themselves to the same standards they are held to in the professional world.

Link to our written interviews

Link to written interview summary

Link to video interview

Links to other policy reviews

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