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Individual Solution and Research

Posted: February 19, 2012 by James Blinco in research
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Our goal as a company is to change how the average American does recycling. We feel that people can get confused by the ambiguity associated with recycling rules. We will alleviate this issue with our new trashcan and electronic application. Our new recycling bin will be able to communicate with a person’s cell phone and send the phone text messages. The text messages will contain coupons and other offers on goods made from recycled materials. Each cell phone will have an account attached to an email to help keep track of coupons. We decided to couple phone numbers and email addresses together to accommodate users without access to a smart phone. Accounts will be able to hold more than one phone number so we encourage family and friends to team up to get more offers. The smart phone application will also contain a database of the recycling laws. The user can sort the information based on location so he or she can easily find what can and cannot be recycled in his or her community. The combination of the phone app with all its capabilities and the smart recycling bins we believe will promote recycling on a much larger scale in all communities.

This is a link to website with similar ideas to ours. Users create accounts and receive perks in the form of coupons based on how much they recycle. Accounts accumulate points by how often they recycle, not on quantity alone.  This website has a great idea and we essentially are taking what they have started and furthering it. We want to have that kind of point accumulation tie into the recycling bins themselves. I believe our idea will allow us to do that and have more people recycling in an area.