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Draft of Project :)

Posted: April 10, 2012 by Katie Banko in Assignments, ideas
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this is what the design would look like, "The Green Box"


1. What does biotechnology mean to you?

  • Unsure of what biotechnology means exactly
  • Relates to the human body in a way to enhance technology
  • Any technology that shares a relationship with any biological system

(Basically everyone guessed a definition that related technology to the human body)


  • Yes, this field is needed in order to move into the future and advance


  • Technology is a good way to benefit the needs of humans, to make life easier
  • Technology is always changing, therefore any advances or improvements should be made in the field of biotechnology (could save lives)
  •  In diverse, it’s neither good nor bad. If biotechnology is implanted ethically, the benefits my outweigh the possible risks.


  • Philosophy
  • Civil engineering.

Interviews from: Jon and Drew

Our company’s goal is to promote more recycling to more American’s and improve society. Many Americans do not care to think about where their waste is going and our company would like to change the average American and their ways of recycling. If Americans did not have to focus so much on the concept of how to discard their recyclables, than more recycling would get done. We thought as a company to make it so Americans did not feel that had to focus on where the waste goes, we would create a so-called smart trashcan. Along with this trashcan, we would set up an electronic app. The recycle bin will have a way to be linked to your phone or email to send your points for every recyclable. Different amounts of points will add up to different rewards that can be received. When you log onto your recycling account, it will show coupons and rewards available for points you have accumulated. It will also send alerts to inform the amount of recycling done in our community and how our recyclables are being used. There will be a way to link all of the individual family member accounts together to add all the points as a family for better rewards. This is a way to encourage the family as a whole which could then motivate other families to jump on the bandwagon. Also, for every friend referred to this electronic app, points are rewarded to the person who referred them. Each recycle bin will have the recycling laws posted on them to make the community more aware of what can and cannot be recycled in certain areas. This will alleviate the thought that people would have to put into when recycling. With the newer smart recycle bins and the rewards that go along with the recycling process, we feel that it will make it more fun to be aware of recycling in the community and it will promote more recycling in the community. If people feel like they are getting something in return for their good deed of recycling, they will continue and it will become habit.

The following link presents ideas similar to what our company had in mind as far as logging into their account to receive rewards for recycling. We are simply taking their idea and building on it by adding a smart recycle bin to help inform those who are trying to learn the benefits of recycling. This website shows that points can be earned by living green in other ways than just recycling which we could eventually branch off on as the community grows stronger in the first step of recycling and going green. With our idea on the smart recycle bins, and building on to this similar idea, I feel we can promote more recycling in the community.


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Hey guys,

so most of you have liked the recycling idea so i guess our group project will be on


Also for the Assignment due on 2/8 what are your thoughts.

– i like the video idea because it seems cool

(however that means we will have to meet up.. and do interviews so we need to work that out and have good communication with everyone)


so,  what are your ideas of what to do it on

i like the Itunes privacy one, i think if that’s what we can do it about. i dont know i havent looked at the linkes yet but i just wanted to get the ball rolling on this!!!

Group Ideas

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Im just brainstorming ideas (listing them)

-stop texting and driving

-drinking and driving

-save some species of animals(animal abuse)

– In Norfolk at the city is trying to figure out something to do with WaterSide… so we could make it into something? helpful to the city and environment? not really sure

-a way to stop bullying

-getting rid of waste.. like make a game sorta that will allow people to have fun while throwing away trash- improving the trash can

-heated steering wheel!