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Our project is finding a better way for the average person in any community and home to be able to recycle smarter and easier. For people to be able to do this, we will be designing a smart recycling can that will be linked to your phone, so that it will send you text messages about what you throw into the bin and points you will earn. This technology will also be linked to the computer so if for some reason you do not have a phone you can still keep track of your points. The points will go towards earning coupons, and the way you earn points is by recycling more and more of the right materials. I feel that people will be excited to have this product in their homes, because it will be a fun way to get the family and communities together and recycle, plus it will allow people to get something back in return for doing a good deed.

In this link students at MIT participated in a recycling game, Greenbean Recycle, which is exactly what we want to do with ours. Students brought their recycled goods to a vending machine, and typed in their phone number. After they recycled their things, it would send a barcode back to the computer and to their account which keep track of what they recycled, and the top recyclers got special prizes.


Hey team,

Just found an article about recycling that could be useful to our research. Worth a read.

This article is filled with statistics and examples of how  the recycling paradigm has evolved and how the efficiency of recycling in certain areas is affected by politics and the economy. I think there are some ideas we could take away from this article. Things like single-stream processing seems to have a positive impact on rates of recycling without increasing the costs too greatly. Another option was charging money to citizens based on how much they actually waste.

This article had some good links and information in it. One idea they had was giving some form of a token for recycling items. When a person or family obtained a certain number of tokens, they could redeem the tokens for actual products. Thought it was a good way to add incentive to recycling. It also identified that “managerial support” and “user-friendliness” were big factors in how people recycle.